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101 Recycled Soda Bottle Tricks

Re-Creating outweighs wastage and anything can be useful even after its intended use. There are many benefits in making things through recycling:

  • You save money by getting things at a fraction of the price.

  • You use something already paid for to make a useful product.

  • You experience the gratification of creating something yourself.

  • You have multi-purpose and useful items around your house

  • Cleans up the environment by finding and making useful products from waste.

  • Helps the unemployed create an income by using cheap materials for creations.

  • Art projects become proud and useful achievements.

  • Kids learn to use their brains and hands and it provides learning and motor-skills.

Plastic soda bottles are scattered all over the world and create a mess that takes many years to decompose. These bottles are extremely strong and by simply removing the cap of an empty bottle it would take less space in the dustbin or in a landfill.

Though finding uses for this through recycling is even better (and I personally use it as a first option for anything requiring a solution, especially a fix on the spot), it turns out there are many uses and so many people all over the world are doing this and though I have personally made over 150 uses, there must be hundreds more and some are just so good that I often make things I see from other people too.

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Imagine what a nice world we could create if we can all use what we already have available and make cost saving and gratifying solutions while reducing the direct impact on the environment too.

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